PumpRub Spice Rub

PumpRub spice rub starts with all-natural seasonings. Our refined blend of spices is smooth, peppery, and spicy, with an intensely flavorful kick. Originally created as a dry rub for dish, we find this spice mixture goes great on EVERYTHING! Turkey, chicken, pork – even eggs and stir-frys. We guarantee that Pump Rub will become your go‐to spice!

Cold‐Smoked Salmon (Lox)

Our master smoker, Dave Sozlberg, grew up on Long Island, New York, where some of his
fondest memories were Sunday mornings with friends and family eating bagels & lox. We’ve
set out to recreate those memories – and improve upon them! Starting with Atlantic salmon,
we’ve perfected our lox by using a proprietary blend of spices, a maple-bourbon glaze, and
three types of smoke woods (alder, apple, and cherry) to create a truly original taste and
texture based upon a centuries-old tried and true recipe. Slightly salty and sweet – and of
course smoky! – our famous lox is sure to create new memories for years to come!

Hot‐Smoked Salmon (Steelhead Trout or Sockeye Salmon)

Steelhead trout or sockeye salmon – either way, they’re both delicious and take to brining
and smoking fantastically! We begin our hot-smoked salmon with a proprietary blend of
spices in our maple-bourbon wet brine and smoke with three woods (alder, apple, and
cherry). Add a maple-bourbon glaze just prior to hot‐smoking, and you’ve got the perfect
sweet finish to this truly delectable treat. Great in salads, sandwiches, dips, pizzas, and
tacos. Or just eat is as is!

PumpNutz ‐ Smoked Almonds

We take amazing California almonds, brine them in a proprietary blend of spices in our maplebourbon
wet brine (same brine we use for the PumpWerks Hot-Smoked Salmon), and hotsmoke
them over alderwood. Holy cow!!! Crunchy, salty, sweet, smoky, and a bit spicy all in
one! The perfect snack. You’ve never tasted almonds like these.

Coming Soon

PumpWerks Salmon Pet Treats
Here at PumpWerks, we don’t believe in letting anything go to waste – so we make our pet
treats from the salmon skin left over from the process of smoking our PumpWerks Hot-
Smoked Salmon. Fully cooked, cut into strips, and dehydrated, PumpWerks Salmon Pet
Treats are arguably the best, most nutritious pet treats available! Your furry friends will
go berserk for these treats. And since they are human-grade, you may too!

Salmon Burgers
What’s better than a tasty salmon burger? We make ours with salmon, panko bread crumbs,
eggs, a little dijon, mayo, PumpWerks hot sauce, relish, PumpRub, and love. Throw on the grill
or in a pan, and there you have it! Sold frozen.

Salmon Salty & Sweet “Candy”
Our take on Salmon Candy is this: Take the thin section of a salmon filet, dry‐cure it, and glaze
it with maple and bourbon. Add a sprinkle of brown sugar and hot-smoke it over alder, apple,
and cherry woods. Not quite jerky but drier and firmer than our hot‐smoked fish with heavy
smoke and salt and sweet tastes. Take on your next hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or road
trip as a quick, easy snack.

PumpWerks Hot Sauces
All of our PumpWerks hot sauce ingredients are hot‐smoked over alderwood, giving them a
distinctly smoky flavor. All of our hot sauces have a tomato base – except for for PureDeath,
which has an apple cider vinegar base. The differences in each hot sauce comes from the
peppers, fruits, and liquors. Though we use alcohols in our recipes for flavor, there is no
alcohol content in the sauces, as the alcohol is burned off during the cooking process. Each hot
sauce has a distinctly different flavor profile, as well as a distinctly different heat level due to
the peppers used. The hot sauces are listed in order of perceived heat. The heat levels go
from “ho‐hum” to “WTF?!”. Enjoy!
PeachyKeen PumpSauce
jalapeno, peach, tequila
Sweet peach balanced by tequila and jalapeno for a slight southwestern flavor. Great all
around hot sauce.
CantaBerry Tales PumpSauce
habanero, cantaloupe, strawberry, bourbon
RockStar PumpSauce
ghost pepper, star fruit, passion fruit, brandy
HornyDragon PumpSauce
trinidad moruga scorpion pepper, horned melon, dragon fruit, rum
PureDeath PumpSauce
j ust freaking HOT!!!

PumpSpike Bloody Mary Spice Blend
PumpWerks Bloody Mary Mix