Once upon a time, there was a Colorado musician with a fishing rod, an old Jeep, and a desire to make the best, small-batch, hand-crafted smoked fish and nuts, spice rubs, and hot sauces in the state of Colorado.

Dave “Pump” Solzberg grew up on Long Island, New York, where every weekend his whole extended family ate bagels and lox together.  When he moved to Colorado in 1993, Dave started catching his own fish on Colorado’s beautiful mountain rivers.  A lot of fish.  So many fish that, after yet another grilled fish dinner after yet another day on the river with his fly rod, Dave started wondering what else he could do with fish.  So began an obsession with smoking trout and salmon – and obsession that Dave has perfected with the care, attention to detail, and artistry he’s known for in his successful day-job as a professional, internationally-recognized bass player.

PumpWerks Mountain Micro-Smokery was born in 2011 as a way for Dave to connect to his Long Island heritage and make lox and hot-smoked salmon (as well as hot sauces and spice rubs) for his friends and family.  The logo of the company is a familiar one: his beloved 1959 Jeep Willys, a fixture in Nederland’s annual 4th of July parades and on local mountain roadways.  Over the last four years, demand for Dave’s out-of-this-world small-batch products – featuring a true taste of Colorado’s pioneer, do-it-yourself spirit –  has spread to Colorado restaurants and markets. “Best ever” is the phrase we most frequently hear to describe PumpWerks products.  Every PumpWerks smoked salmon, smoked nuts, hot sauce, and spice rub recipe has been perfected by Dave to achieve unique mountain flavors.